Company’s reputation is one of its success main indicators. It is hard enough to form a positive image of the company, but it is much more difficult to maintain the same. Many companies do not pay enough attention to this factor seeking to reach the peak of the popularity, then losing vigilance, which results in reduction of indicators throughout ranking. 

The network is very broad and the company needs  making considerable efforts to keep its reputation. The company’s reputation and formation of opinion is affected by the search results, which can be both positive and negative. What should we do, if search results on the company appeared negative? 
If there is a demand for this service, so there are opportunities to meet this demand. In this situation, SERM comes to the aid – reputation management in the search engines. 
SERM is a combination of search engine optimization and public relations, which aims to offset negative information in the search results. 
Reputation Management in Search Engine will create company’s positive reputation with the network, acting at the same time as the opinions manupulation means.