Videocontent Development & Promotion

No matter how unique, interesting or readable is the website content, it still needs to be diluted with images and video. A person perceives separately text, video, or photo not good enough. However, if you combine all these three categories together, we can achieve greater material susceptibility and increase the memory effect of trademark or brand. 

Put yourself in place of the user: 
  • For how long you stay with the site, if it basically contains a large amount of information without graphic support, 
  • Do you read the content to the end; 
  • Are you able to recall after a certain period of time the resource that you visited and information you received. 
How does person perceive the information: 
  • Visual images work when you are viewing the pictures; 
  • The information received undergoes modeling  when you read the text; 
  • Images work while listening to the audio content.
Information visualization is the key to success.