Web Design and Corporate Identity

What is the first thing that attracts a user’s attention when visiting a web resource? Of course, it is  the site design, since it determines the success of the entire promotional campaign within the network. Would the user spend a lot of time on the site, if its design is not permeated with a harmony, comfort, and combinability of information perception? 

Why the website design is such an important component of effective business on the Internet:  
1. “First impressions are most lasting...” A neat turn of phrase, since the site is a company’s image, its business card. The user needs only 50 ms to form an opinion about the site design. The beautiful web resource design will add a plus to the bank of success and attract users attention from among a large variety of sites. 
2. The design combined with a comfortable control will not only attract the attention of users, but provide for them coming back again and again until the permanent use of this resource. 
3. Information visualisation has a great impact on the positive user experience with the site and company itself. 
4. A good first impression of site meets the user’s needs and affects its evaluation of the resource. Design acts as a brake factor drawing the user’s attention and compels to review in detail the concerned product or service.